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Are you trying to change your health but do not know where to start?
Are you sick and tired and feeling stuck?
Are you looking for answers but feel overwhelmed with all what is out there? 

my Mission

Education, preparation, action

My goal is to empower you, give you tools and information you need to succeed on your health journey with ease and at your own pace. I meet you where you are with your health and help you get to where you want to be by utilizing a functional medicine approach to healthy living. Together we look into the root cause of your complaints and symptoms by looking at the body as one interconnected unit.

Services Offered

Work With Me

Initial Case review

I review your case based on the intake form you fill out, labs you provide (if available), and provide you with manageable steps and support towards your health goals utilizing the functional approach looking at the whole body as one unit.

3-6 months journey

After the initial case review where I look deeper into your symptoms/complaints, I work along your side, supporting and empowering you on your journey towards the health you want.


Female hormones

Did you know that your hormones can start fluctuating as early as mid 30ties?
I teach and prepare women for all stages of peri to post menopause so they can thrive through this period of life.

The Transformation


“I arranged a meeting with Andrea as I have problems with my thyroid as well as stomach pain and constipation. I wanted her professional view on what I could do to get better. Before the meeting I filled out a form about my health. Based on that, Andrea had thoroughly planned the meeting and she was very dedicated. Our focus was on my diet and what I could eat to get better.  I got a lot of good input and was very inspired.  Not much needed to change before I quickly felt improvement.  After a few weeks, I was able to drop the stomach acid pills I was taking every day, and my constipation disappeared. I have also got a lot of information regarding my thyroid. I can highly recommend Andrea as your health coach.”

Signe, 45 years


“I have had the privilege to be one of the first clients of Andrea. I came with a number of small issues which I thought were not interconnected. Andrea put a significant time and knowledge into analyzing, and most importantly connecting the dots between those issues, found those which were the cause and the consequence. Andrea prepared a plan of actions and advice related to the lifestyle changes, further medical tests, vitamins and supplement suggestions, and dietary plan.  Overall, a very thorough evaluation and plan. I have implemented some of the advice and can already see the positive results on my physical wellbeing.  In essence, Andrea is filling out the vacancy in the Dutch medical system of someone who is able to see seemingly unrelated medical/physical complaints in a holistic view. Thank you Andrea!”

Jana, 49 years


“I had a virtual meeting with Andrea and despite the distance, I really felt like she was listening to me, and cared about my health and well-being. I shared a list of concerns and we had a great discussion where I felt like she was really paying attention without rushing me, and after the meeting she sent a detailed list of recommendations and suggestions. One of the biggest benefits I felt was that she understood that change may not happen quickly or in big leaps, but can begin where you are, even if you are stressed or overwhelmed. Her patient approach made me comfortable in describing a variety of issues around sleep, dietary habits, alcohol, and lifestyle, and she encouraged me to start doing little things that will move me in the right direction. There is so much benefit in her approach and knowledge, which you usually would not be able to get from a medical doctor. Seeing Andrea could really change the course of the rest of your life!”

Kristina, 54 years


“I have been fortunate connect with Andrea. There were several health and life balance issues I felt needed deeper attention but was a bit reluctant to address. Andrea is a great listener and within a couple of sessions she prepared a really thoughtful action plan that outlined practical and simple steps to address anxiety, food health, sleep, and finding more home balance. It is a great plan which I reference regularly. Andrea appreciates that change is gradual and her positive support is energizing! Thank you Andrea!”

Henry, 58


“I went to Andrea with a gastrointestinal issue. We worked on it for a few months and she was able to help me much more than the regular GI specialist. While the doctor treated me mostly as an inconvenience – as they often do patients with IBS – and did not address the root of the problem at all, Andrea was with me every step of the way and I got better while also finding some of the causes of my problem. Andrea is a wonderful coach and professional who makes every possible effort to make you feel better. She even cares about your problem for you if you get demotivated or you lose heart a bit. I really appreciated her knowledge and words of encouragement. Thank you Andrea!” 

Moni, 49 years


Andrea is very educated and has a lot of knowledge about hormones, nutrition, side effects of medicine and so much more about how to improve your overall health in a natural way. I was on the IDU and was feeling depleted and depressed. I was also having problems with my digestion and allergies. I was able to stop taking my antihistamine nose spray with the help of natural supplements. This was amazing as I have been on it since I was a teenager. I got rid of the IDU and my depression was much improved. I had no idea I could feel so bad from an IDU. She also gave me a lot of advice on nutrition and what I should eat and also mental training. She also helped me improve my digestion. If you want to improve your health in the best and most natural way possible then she is a great choice for you. She will guide, support and get you started on a healthy diet and lifestyle. It will improve your overall health for sure.

Ingunn, 42


I had the pleasure to know Andrea years ago, last year I had the opportunity to join her workshop about Menopause and it was really interesting, helpful and she was absolutely prepared and thorough. Considering her good preparation I have asked her to help me in healing my gut as I have been suffering from IBS for the last few years. Honestly it was the best choice I could make. She helped me a lot, giving me some rules to follow and she suggested to me some supplements to get in order to recover my stomach and intestine. She also gave me some tips about food and meals to prepare. I would suggest to everyone having some health issues to contact her, she is a great, professional and an amazing empathic woman. 

Silvia, 47 years


I had a few sessions with Andrea to help me find a more healthy lifestyle that works for me, and most importantly one that helps to support my immune system (I normally catch every flu that goes around). Since following Andrea’s advice not only did I feel great (more energy) but I have also stayed healthy so far this entire winter, even when everyone around me got ill. Her suggestions and advice paid off and I am super happy. I would definitely recommend Andrea for all your health questions! 

Carla, 51


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