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Hi my name is Andrea. I was born in the Czech Republic and after the Velvet revolution I decided to see the world and went to Canada. After 15,5 amazing years I returned to Prague and started my family. Another 10 years passed and my whole family (Canadian husband and my two kids) left for another adventure this time to Holland and that is where we are still today. Living in 3 different countries and many international communities I have realized how different we all are with our unique cultures, habits, lifestyles and how wonderful that is. 

Working in advertising/design for many years I was very familiar with the targeted approach in my work in respect to these diversities but once I started having health issues I found out that this is not quite common in healthcare. I started searching for answers to my many unexplained complaints and found functional medicine. And that is when my new journey started. The functional approach of looking at people as individuals, with their unique symptoms, trauma and history and also approaching the whole body as one interconnected unit, really helped me with my health. I have realized how important it is and I liked this approach so much that I wanted to share my experience with others. Hence I have decided to go back to school and get certified as a Functional Health Coach. 

I meet my clients where they are with their unique symptoms and complaints and take them where they want to be with their health utilizing functional medicine principals. 

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