how I can help you

LEt's work together

You may be feeling...

  • constantly tired
  • stressed, overwhelmed, anxious
  • joint pain
  • headachy, have hot flashes, night sweats
  • lack of energy, not motivated
  • bloated, gassy, constipated, diarrhea, heartburn
  • unhappy with your weight and have cravings
  • stuck in old patterns and not knowing how to change
  • not falling asleep or staying asleep
  • and more

I can help you to...

  • find out the root cause of your dis-ease
  • reset your digestive system and get rid of dysbiosis
  • eat balanced whole food diet
  • get a good night sleep
  • prepare you for all stages of menopause and teach you how to deal with this transition naturally or with hormones
  • manage your weight & deal with all sorts of cravings
  • manage stress and adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • uncover old trauma which affects you today
  • show you how everything is interconnected in your body  
  • and more

how do I work

My passion is to work with motivated individuals who are deeply committed to their health and are looking for solutions to create long lasting changesAs a certified functional medicine health coach I look at your health concerns via the functional medicine lens which means looking at your whole body as one interconnected unit (body, mind & soul). 

We look together into all essential areas of your health: 
what you eat, your sleep habits, do you have a proper movement, stress perception, is there fun in your life or trauma 
and work towards a proper balance. We also review your health history and lab data (existing or I can order new if needed) while looking for the root cause of your imbalances and make a specific plan, targeted to your needsI will support you on your health journey and make sure that it is manageable and at your own pace. I work online and in person.

INitial case review

After reviewing your case, based on the intake form you fill out and initial lab work you provide, we schedule a call and go over the forms together. Based on the findings I prepare a clear plan to help you reach your personal health goals based on the particular needs you are trying to resolve, so you feel healthy and vibrant again. We plan your health journey so it is manageable and at your own pace.

Investment: 130€ for about 60-90minutes

3 - 6 months health journey

After an intake session our work together starts. I will work on your side to help you find the root cause of your symptoms and complaints by peeling one layer at a time. We will meet every 2-3 weeks to make sure that you are on track and progressing as planned. I will provide written summary of our consults and also be available via email for more questions between sessions.

Investment: 85€ per 60 min session

3 - 6 months health journey

If you need a longer support and have more long lasting complaints, this option is more suitable. I will work on your side to help you find the root cause of your possible symptoms and complaints. We will make a plan together which is manageable for you to reach and at you own pace.

Female hormones - PEri/postmenopause

I provide group sessions and 1:1 consultations for ladies with hormonal changes. All hormones are interconnected. At this stage of life women experience all kinds of problems ranging from classical peri/menopausal complaints like hot flashes, irritability, weigh gain to stomach problems, thyroid issues, insulin resistance etc.
In 1:1 session we look together for the root cause of particular complaints. In some cases I work with Functional Medicine lab tests to find out specific information. Based on the results I offer lots of natural solutions (lifestyle changes, herbs, adaptogens…) but also Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy advice. I help women to transition healthy and with ease.

Intake session: 130€ for about 60-90 min
Follow up sessions: 85€ per 60 min

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